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“I'm a scientist and I want to tell you about my ultimate ‘secret weapon’ to owning that amazing marine aquarium of your dreams, and avoid the fatal mistakes that 95% of marine aquarium owners make”.

“If you ever get that nagging feeling, right in the pit of your stomach, that you don’t quite know exactly what you are doing with your precious marine fish, coral or invertebrates…. Stop right there. You are putting your expensive marine life and tank set-up at risk! You really need to read this letter now…..you don’t want to miss out on what I’m going to reveal”

Andrej BrummerFrom: Andrej Brummer “Marine Aquarium Maestro” and Biological Scientist Sydney Australia

Dear marine life lover,

If you’re sick of different websites and books telling you conflicting or confusing saltwater aquarium information and don't know where to turn, you are not alone... Let me ask you a question, are you interested in discovering a collection of my personal tried and true techniques to successfully, cheaply and easily keeping marine fish, corals and invertebrates thriving in a breathtaking, harmonious ecosystem without the confusion, mistakes, expense and heartbreak? If so then sit back and simply listen to what I have to say!

Heres why I'm qualified to tell you all this

My name is Andrej Brummer, I am a qualified Biological Scientist who became obsessed with marine biology at university, and I have since put all that scientific knowledge and passion to use setting up mind blowing marine aquariums and advising others how to do it too! At first there was a lot of trial and error; my expensive fish died, I had disease breakouts, nasty water chemistry issues wrecked havoc in my tank and I watched my corals wither and fade away! I did a lot of research online and read many books, everything advised me something different. After becoming fed up with failure I decided to finally apply my biology degree and do things according to scientific principles I had learned, and to experiment, test and measure everything scientifically and you know what, it really worked. After watching my marine life bloom, friends and colleagues began asking me to set up their reef tanks. I quickly became a complete complete marine life geek! A few years ago I again noticed the total lack of quality information around so I decided to find a way to translate all my years of fish and invertebrate learning and ability into an easy to read, simple to understand, step by step guide that absolutely anyone of any age and experience can use and benefit from. Since then I have sold over 3000 copies around the globe!

Andrej BrummerI have done all the hard work figuring out how to create harmonious, stable, disease-free marine ecosystem as easily as possible so you don’t have to….

This is my story of how I became a world renowned saltwater aquarium expert

When I was 11, my mother surprised us one Christmas with a saltwater aquarium complete with a few corals and 3 fish. We were instantly spellbound, that Christmas we all found it difficult to tear ourselves away from the aquarium, even to open our other presents! Our delight only lasted a few short weeks, something was wrong the fish gradually got sicker and sicker then died while the coral faded and withered. We were so upset as we looked on helpless to what was causing this. We tried to save them but we were too late, we didn’t recognise the early warning signs, weren't testing the right parameters and didn’t have enough knowledge. On that day I realised we were way out of our depth and had basically murdered our amazing pets and wasted almost one thousand dollars in the process. That memory took me to university to study fish and invertebrates in great scientific detail, even undertaking research on captive marine life survival and husbandry additional to my studies. That sad memory also moved me to create this much needed guide to help stop the unneccesary deaths of so many marine fish, corals and invertebrates, also to prevent people suffering like my family did; totally helpless to the expensive demise of these beautiful, majestic creatures. If only we had known then what I know now!

Don’t let this be you!

If you are guilty of killing your poor marine fish or can relate to my story in any way read on…

How YOU can easily avoid heartbreak with your marine pets:

Don’t be fooled by number 1 fish keeping myth: A successful marine aquarium doesn't require an additional skill set and knowledge compared to a freshwater one.

Tropical fish by definition refer to freshwater species only, so I hate to tell you but all that tropical fish information out there is totally irrelevant to saltwater aquariums!

Please don’t make the costly mistake of entrusting the livelihood of your marine creatures to the multitude of information products that are intended for "tropical" freshwater species only, or are sold by people with no formal training. This is the most commonly made mistake that will turn your passion into a costly, painful nightmare.

Here’s why…
Saltwater fish are critically physiologically different to freshwater fish. They are much less adaptable and require very different treatment and conditions. Freshwater fish will happily survive many different water conditions where their saltwater counterparts would die.

Don’t be fooled by the number 2 fish keeping myth: disease in your saltwater tank happens every now and again and is just "one of those things" every marine fish keeper has to deal with.

This couldn't be more wrong. What if I told you that by adhering to some simple practices you could reduce the chance of disease occuring in your tank to the extent it becomes a thing of the past. All you need is a little patience and forward thinking...

Don’t be fooled by the top reef keeping myth: The key to coral success is giving it enough light in your marine aquarium.

Um, not quite. To truly have thriving corals you need to optomise 4 major areas; water quality, light duration and intensity, water movement and supplementation of nutrients and secondary food sources. Without this holistic approach your corals are doomed before you even start.

Don’t be fooled by the number 4 marine fish keeping myth: Your local fish store will always be able to provide you with good quality advice and livestock that's appropriate for your system.

This is one of the biggest fallacies in this hobby. Fish stores make their money by selling fish and other marine life including species that should remain in the wild because they don't survive well in captivity. In my time I have seen many stores guilty of selling these species to beginners; the internet is packed with horror stories. The bottom line is if your marine life dies you will buy more, so the stores make more money from you. Most aquarium store employees are not formally educated in marine biology, so taking all this into consideration can you really trust what they tell you??

To avoid harming your marine life, you need the right information….

Fish Health Secrets; Recognise The Early Warning Signs Before Its Too Late…

tick The one marine biology secret that will allow you to recognise problems with your fish before it’s too late. If you can accurately detect and identify symptoms you will save your marine fish a world of hurt.(page 54)
tick How to massively reduce the fish illness and disease occurring in your aquarium (this one is absolute gold for my clients). (page 64)
tick The truth about medicating fish and how you can effectively treat disease in your tank while minimising harm to the rest of your marine life. (page 56)
tick Discover the little known scientific technique to optimally healthy fish just by changing your feeding patterns and what you are feeding. (page 49)
tick What never to do when it comes to your fishes diet if you want to have healthy fish with the brightese colors possible. (page 49)
tick The secrets to recognising fish stress: learn how to quickly spot the warning signs of stress before it kills your fish. (page 59)
tick What you must do now to effectively medicate and revive your sick fish yourself before it’s too late! Your visits to the vet or fish store will be few and far between! (page 56)
tick How to spot harmful protozoa, worms and crustacean parasites and what you can do to cure afflicted fish and coral. (page 51)
tick Why you must quarantine fish and how to do it the right way. This instrumental nugget of information has saved countless people a lot of marine life. (page 56)
tick The 1 factor about the environment that could be crucial to keeping disease at bay in your aquarium. (page 64)


“I’ve Finally Stopped Losing My Fish!”
“Thanks so much Andrej, I now know how to stop disease in my tank! But not only that I have been able to spot the early warning signs of disease, know what preventative measures to take, know how to diagnose some diseases and know how to go about curing my fish. All without the expense of going to a vet!”

Peter Chai, Bangkok, Thailand

So, do you really know all the vital information crucial to keeping happy, healthy marine life?

Over the years I have been asked countless, desperate questions by budding aquarists about their marine pets, and consequently been sincerely thanked for saving them so much time, money and marine lives that I have finally decided to turn all my scientific knowledge, passion and experience with saltwater aquariums into this amazingly simple ultimate saltwater fish and invertebrate ebook. So, I really think I can help you to never have to experience the oh so common tragedy of making one simple mistake and having all your beautiful marine creatures perish right before your eyes. It's not a hard mistake to make for the uninitiated; rapid changes in temperature, pH or the wrong chemicals can quickly wipe out marine life. If you plan on keeping a nano tank this is especially important.

I even guarantee your marine aquarium results with my ebook...Reef tanks, fish only set-ups, FOWLR and nano tanks will benefit greatly from my information packed guide!

Learn Advanced Techniques to Making Your Saltwater Aquarium Pay For Itself…

tick The one secret environmental cue that is absolutely necessary for successful marine fish breeding. (page 73)
tick What you must do now to be able to successfully and easily propagate your invertebrates and corals so you can have many healthy clones of the original specimen. (page 93)
tick Can you actually make money from a saltwater aquarium? Yes, I have taught many to do this; learn my 3 ways to turn your hobby into a profitable enterprise. (page 70)
tick How to go about successfully breeding your fish, corals or invertebrates. An absolute goldmine of information! (page 71)
tick The closely guarded marine biologists techniques to the propagation of sea plants, invertebrates and corals. (page 92)
tick The truth about growing, breeding and propagating sea plants for profit. (page 102)


“This Stuff Is Genius!”
“After reading “Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish And Invertebrates” I decided I was going to apply a few of the money making secrets that Andrej revealed. To cut a long story short 6 months down the track my Aquarium is not only self funding but actually making me money, thanks Andrej!”

Vanesh Singh, Cairo, Egypt

Introducing “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater aquarium fish and Invertebrates”

New Ebook! Order Now!

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My techniques and practices are born from marine biology; they cannot be found anywhere else, they are a collection of scientific theory, experience and extensive research, which I have distilled and simplified. You won't find this level of information at your local pet store or on a website. This easy to understand information is vital for beginners through to experts.

For example, do you really know:

tick What 5 crucial considerations you absolutely must take into account before you even set up your tank? This will really make a difference to your long term success.
tick The optimal conditions for the 7 vital elements of saltwater chemistry for each type of tank set-up, how to adjust them and how they affect your marine life?
tick The perfect lighting conditions and how you achieve perfect placement critical for thriving coral and invertebrates?
tick How to easily recognise then remedy the early warning symptoms of the most common and normally fatal marine fish diseases before its too late?
tick The 5 most misunderstood factors about choosing species for your tank that if not taken into account could end up stressing out and sometimes killing members of your aquatic community?
tick The specific husbandry techniques absolutely necessary for thriving photosynthetic corals and invertebrates?
tick The fundamental keys to feeding that will result in much happier, brighter, more active, healthier fish?
tick How to identify the dangerous disease organisms and parasites that may be in your tank right now before they suck the lifeblood out of your marine fish and coral polyps?
tick How to easily and cheaply rid your tank of pest algae species like Cyanobacteria, hair algae, and bubble algae, then identify the root cause to stop it ever coming back?
tick How to professionally troubleshoot the 10 most common potentially tragic problems you are likely to experience with your saltwater tank?

If you answered “no” or “not sure” to even one of these questions
you ARE putting your marine aquarium at risk!

Create The Perfect Environment For Your Marine Life Or Pay The Price….

tick How to easily and cheaply prepare excellent quality water for your tank with none of the hidden sources of pollutants. (page 19)
tick What to do to completely assess your aquariums water quality in 7 easy steps that take 5 minutes. This is one of the most frequently underestimated keys to success that so many people just don’t understand, by the time they get their water test results back from the local fish shop it's often too late. (page 23)
tick The truth about microorganisms in your aquarium: what they are, which ones are bad and how to enrich for the beneficial ones that can save you a lot of grief. (page 28)
tick Beautifully and easily aquascape your marine aquarium in 5 steps that take 30 minutes.  (page 12)
tick What never to do regarding your aquarium equipment: the livelihood of your marine life could rely on this little known marine biologist tip. (page 67)
tick Banish aquarium problems for good by learning how to prevent them before they happen. Science has demonstrated that prevention can end up to 90% of disease outbreaks! (page 66)
tick The truth about cheaply setting up your marine aquarium, learn the key elements you really need and to avoid the unnecessary gimmicks and expensive add-ons. (page 4)
tick Slash the time and effort you spend on maintaining your aquarium, learn the absolute necessities you need to do and when. Everything else is just a waste of your precious time and money. (page 16)


“It’s All Done For Me…”
“When I first started out with my saltwater aquarium I really had no idea, my first attempt was an expensive nightmare. Then I read Andrej’s ebook, he really wants you to succeed and everything is just so simple to understand. After reading his section on tank set-up all my questions were answered, I finally knew exactly what I was doing. My aquarium is now a work of art, I couldn’t be happier!”

Julia Browne, London, England.


In order to stop endangering your marine pets you need the right tools for the job

I've been asked so many questions by people just like you, and for good reason, I have learned all the answers because I have a degree in this stuff and bucketloads of experience. My ebook has now generated 1000's of happy customers in the last 3 years! The truth is there is a lot you really need to know to successfully keep wild marine creatures in a captive environment, if you don’t know enough or don’t have the right information it could easily spell disaster for your pets which means disappointment and a wasted investment for you.

I really have done all the hard work for you (including the degree!): pouring over marine biology textbooks, years of trial and error using “research” tanks, studying different species of fish, corals and invertebrates and taking research notes for weeks on end. If you don't think it's hard to find accurate saltwater aquarium information out there, just ask a few questions on forums and see how many different answers you get!

And what you get with my ebook is the simplified, distilled essence of all that knowledge, my goal was to produce the most comprehensive guide to marine fish, invertebrates and corals ever assembled. My feedback tells me I have hit the target. So many books focus on the aquarium itself but the key to your success is to have in depth knowledge of the marine life! Just ask any successful zookeeper, it's way more important to know about the animals themselves than the zoo!

And on top of that I will teach you exactly how the strategies I use myself to make my marine aquarium pay for itself and more, shortcutting your way to success now tell me who wouldn’t want to learn that?

“Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater aquarium fish and Invertebrates”
is designed to be the only marine aquarium resource you will ever need…

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When it comes to marine life you can trust science has got it right…

Unlike a lot of other products “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Fish and Invertebrates” is purely based on proven scientific fact so you can trust its accuracy, this information is the real deal, its not opinion based or something some pet shop guy made up to stop you asking so many questions. What could be better to put your marine aquarium faith in, than marine biology itself? And who better to teach you than a scientist who is able to explain things in a simple way that everyone can understand and will get massive value from? I have already helped so many people become saltwater aquarium experts from beginners to breeders.

How To Choose The Right Specimens For Your Aquarium And Avoid Costly Mistakes…

tick Why you need to consider 5 critical elements before you even choose what type of fish, coral or invertebrate you want for your tank. (page 6)
tick What you must NEVER EVER do when you get home with your new fish (this one will save you a lot of heartache). This mistake is the most common cause of mortality in new marine fish. (page 56)
tick Warning: what you absolutely MUST understand about species compatibility to avoid a bloodbath (literally!) in your aquarium. The bottom line is most aquarium inhabitants will have never met each other in the wild, so careful selection of species is key. (page 37)
tick The big secret to fish specimen selection that will save you a lot of money and heartache every time. You can tell a lot from one or two well-timed visits to the fish store. (page 36)
tick What vital questions you should NEVER leave the pet shop without asking. There are 6 in total, some of them are not as obvious as you might think. (page 39)


“No More Painful Mistakes When Choosing Marine Life….”
“Andrej reveals in painstaking detail how to go about choosing what to put in your aquarium, you absolutely cannot get it wrong! I wish I had this book years ago and I would have saved myself lots of money and heartache from making uninformed decisions”

Dan Dalziel, Atlanta, Georgia


Heres a very brief breakdown of the 7 BIG sections inside
“Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Invertebrates”

Section 1: Setting up a Saltwater Aquarium:

Necessary equipment you need (nothing you don’t), considerations in selecting the right tank, A-Z of aquarium design and layout, how to prepare water and maintain your aquarium and much more.

When setting up your tank what you should purchase heavily relies on what set-up you want and the specific requirements of the marine life you want to keep; for example you don’t need an expensive lighting fixture if you plan to keep fish and live rock. A written plan of your set-up from the start is the best way to go, this way you will have a clear vision and can concentrate on setting up all the necessary elements perfectly, leaving nothing to chance or impulse.

Section 2: Creating a Perfect Environment:

Understanding the importance of water quality, how to check the vital parameters and what they should optimally be, biological filtration explained, stocking levels for each set-up, vitally important organisms that help your aquarium environment and much more.

Marine life needs consistently stable water conditions, the main way to provide this is to dilute out dissolved and undissolved organic waste such as nitrates which builds up over time and pollutes the tank. Regular partial water changes of 10% per week are the easiest way to maintain a healthy environment. Another simple way to reduce pollutants is to underfeed rather than overfeed. Only feed as much as your pets can eat in one or two minutes.

Section 3: Popular Marine Fish Species Information:

Here you will find comprehensive, vital fish keeping information for the 16 most popular species, this is all you need to know.

Cant decide between a Tang or a Clownfish? This section will explain the advantages and disadvantages of one species over another to help you decide the perfect fit for you and your set-up.

Section 4: Corals and Invertebrates:

How to select, feed, place and acclimate your invertebrates, elements of husbandry specific to invertebrates, necessary aquarium conditions, common ailments and how to treat and much more.

The most common cause of coral disease is stress, mostly when the stressor is removed the coral will make a full recovery, even without treatment. The most common causes of coral stress are too much nitrates and phosphates, fluctuating temperature/pH and incompatible tank mates.

Section 5: Fish Diseases and Health:

Secrets to successful fish selection, also how to spot sick fish in the pet shop, questions you must ask, everything you need to know about fish diseases and curing them, behavioural and physical signs of disease to look for, essential information on diet and health and so much more.

The key to a fish selection you wont regret is to watch your fish feed, is it competitive with the other fish and eating well? Is it actively swimming around and curious about its surroundings? A new fish should stay in the store for two weeks before you decide to take it home, in this time any diseases related to its stressful capture and shipping will show up. Securing it with a deposit will ensure its yours after this time.

Section 6: Tank and Fish Troubleshooting:

How to recognise and prevent signs of stress and immunity problems, common tank problems and how to remedy, environmental and dietary problems and solutions for your marine life, aquarium problem prevention, combating algae and so much more.

The best way to get rid of pest algae problems is to get to the root cause, which is always excess nitrates, phosphates and/or too much sunlight or aging bulbs. Many people add chemicals to kill the algae, but it will always come back if the underlying cause isn’t dealt with.

New Ebook! Order Now!

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How To Successfully Keep Healthy Corals And
Other Invertebrates In Your Aquarium And Prevent Any Problems…

tick 8 ways you haven't thought of to ensure optimal health and growth for your invertebrates. (page 36)
tick Why your coral is bleaching or turning to slime and what you can do to stop this from ever happening again. (page 43)
tick Discover why specific placement in your tank is so critically important for the success and optimal growth of your photosynthetic invertebrates and corals. (page 40)
tick The truth about common invertebrate ailments and how to treat them (page 43)
tick Warning: don’t make the mistake of not knowing enough about the ins and outs of coral and invertebrate compatibility. This one is marine biology insider information, essential for all invertebrate and coral owners. (page 47)
tick Diagnose your sick marine invertebrate's physical symptoms in 4 steps and 10 minutes. (page  54)
tick The light based diet you are currently feeding your invertebrates could be the cause of some major problems that can be cured with target feeding. (page 35)


“My Corals Have Never Been So Healthy!”
“I’ve had such a tough time finding any decent information on keeping corals and Invertebrates, which is why my specimens were not doing so well. After reading this ebook I realised that I was doing quite a few things wrong, but now my corals have never been so healthy, its amazing!”

Vanessa Bartlett, Glasgow, Scotland


So why cant you get this mind-blowing saltwater aquarium knowledge from your
local aquarium store or pet shop?

There are two reasons:

  1. They simply don’t know this stuff, and why would they? Try finding a degree qualified pet shop employee who studied marine biology at university, I have, and they just don’t exist.
  2. They wouldn’t want you to know this stuff anyway, what I mean is anyone equipped with this information is going to spend way less at the pet shop when things don’t go wrong constantly and when they cant be deceived into buying a useless, overpriced product or piece of equipment. How can they make a decent living when marine aquarium savvy people like me only need to purchase fish food? Knowledge is king!

Consider the costs and anguish of getting it wrong with your marine aquarium; it can easily escalate into hundreds of dollars each time; a pet stores dream but your personal nightmare.
You are getting the benefit of my many years of practical and theoretical research and experience. I have fine-tuned the science every step of the way to make it easy, user friendly and highly valuable to you so you can shortcut your way to success.

In fact, I guarantee it.

The 100% No-Risk-To-You Guarantee

In the unlikely event you are not 100% thrilled with “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Invertebrates”
you get a 100% no-risk-to-you-guarantee.
In fact, I invite you to use this ebook and put all the risk entirely on me. If at any time in the next 60 days you feel that it falls short in delivering everything I have promised in this letter, just let me know and I'll be happy to give you a full refund, no questions asked.
In fact, if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied, I want you to demand your money back.

You can even keep the entire “Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Invertebrates
valued at $315 as my way of saying thanks for your custom.

So, if you truly want the saltwater aquarium of your dreams…you need to get your hands on this ebook now. Trial and error and substandard information sources will only cost you money and the health of your pets.

Now, if you’re excited about the idea of getting your hands on the complete how-to guide of marine fish and invertebrates, but are worried you wont be able to afford your own copy, let me put your mind at ease right now…

Because of my background and experience, I can easily sell this information for over $200. (It's true, I have been offered more than this for my help!

But, believe it or not, I love giving people really great value and am not doing this only for the money, but because I am passionate about marine creatures and want to help you to look after them better and do my part to reduce the millions of unneccesary marine pet deaths and wasted money in this hobby every year. So, I am selling my entirely unique, immediately usable and extremely simple yet powerful marine creature guide for only $97. And lets face it the benefits from just one of two of the techniques can save you a lot of heartache, research and possibly hundreds of dollars.

Special Introductory Offer:

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During the price-testing phase of my offer, I would like your permission to offer you a special discount if you order now! You can save $60 immediately off the original price of $97.00 and
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Please note: this special discount is only being offered during my testing phase, and is closely monitored on a daily basis. It can be changed at any time. However, I will honor the discount pricing on all orders that I receive in the next 24 hours.

And the best part is, you can have it within minutes from now
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In fact, let me make it very simple for you to take advantage of this information right now. Im going to give you 3 amazing gifts to go along with my ebook making this entire offer valued at more than $300. And no, this isn’t another one of those offers where the bonus is some over hyped product that under-delivers. No, this is a genuine, highly valuable free offer that you will get massive benefit from, I have actually saved the best stuff for last, and you get it all FREE….but only if you hurry.

To go along with your ultimate marine life guide you also get some of marine biology’s most highly prized information for the home aquarist as free bonuses…

Here’s what’s coming your way…

Free Gift #1 Guide to Making Money From Your Saltwater Aquarium
$99 The jealously guarded, holy grail of aquarium keeping unveiled. How would you like to learn how with a small amount of effort and cost you could turn your hobby into something that can generate income? Imagine, you could make your tank completely self-funding like me or take it further and start making some additional income. This guide reveals 5 powerful ways you can do this starting right now

Here’s a small taste of what you will learn:

  • How propagating corals, invertebrates and sea plants can generate profit
  • How to go about breeding fish, corals and invertebrates for income
  • What you need to know to grow prized specimens of marine life you can then onsell
  • How to create the right conditions and environmental cues fish need to breed
  • Priceless tips for the dark art of breeding coral and Invertebrates
  • How you can easily provide nesting materials for nesting species to spawn
  • What you need to know about the different breeding habits of fish species and what species are easier to breed than others
This is your ultimate cheat-sheet to marine aquarium profit…your ultimate shortcut!

Free Gift #2 Guide to Propagation of Invertebrates, Corals and Sea Plants
$99 Another little known, highly valuable marine biological technique revealed. How good would it be to be able to effectively  “clone” your Invertebrates, Corals and Sea plants? Think of the possibilities, do it for yourself and friends or even turn your passion into dollars. This information could prove priceless to you.

You will discover…

  • What is propagation, how it works: the principles and techniques and how effective it is
  • How you can propagate your own Invertebrates
  • How you can propagate your own Corals
  • How you can propagate your own Sea plants
  • Successful propagation tips and advice for avoiding contamination
  • What equipment you need for effective propagation
  • The conditions and tank environment needed for propagated 'frags' to take
  • How to avoid disease in your propagated specimens

As you can see once again you get it all, total insider information that so many home aquarists are desperate to get their hands on. The information contained in these two bonus items is so highly valuable that many people have told me to turn it into a stand-alone product and make twice as much money. But the truth is I am all about giving great value and want to use my saltwater aquarium powers for the forces of good!

But wait, there’s still more…

Free Gift #3 Saltwater Aquarium Set Up Checklist:
$20 Imagine having an easy to use, step-by-step checklist when setting up a new aquarium. How easy would that make purchasing all the right equipment in the right order (and none of the unnecessary stuff)? This checklist would have been a goldmine to me a few years ago, and saved me a lot of unnecessary cost and unpleasant surprises. It is yours free if you order today.

Lets look at what your getting..

Here’s what you get…  Separate Purchase
Ultimate Secrets to Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Invertebrates $97.00
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Free Gift # 3: Saltwater Aquarium Set-Up Checklist $20.00
Total Value:
Your Price:
Total package Savings:

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So, I ask you… “Isn’t it time you stop risking the lives of your marine pets and took your aquarium from a very ordinary, trouble prone tank to a colourful, h ealthy, thriving ecosystem of marine life that will take anyone’s breath away and give you years of enjoyment?”

I wish you the very best

Andrej Brummer, BSc Biological Sciences,

“The Marine Aquarium Maestro”
Andrej at Work


P.S. Don’t forget, I’m taking all the risk here… if after reading my ebook you don’t think You have got outstanding value from my information, I’ll refund every penny. What have you got to lose? Try it now!

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